Respond & Rebuild gets some Great Press

In “Hurricane Sandy is New York’s Katrina,” Village Voice reporter Nick Pinto details the enormous scope of the community response to Sandy-affected areas on New York City in the first days after the storm. It’s a must read for anyone who wants an accurate picture of those days. Our favorite except about us is:

“On 112th Street, Terri Bennett is coordinating 10 crews equipped with gas-powered pumps to empty the water still standing in most of the basements nearby. Bennett is here with a handful of friends she met doing recovery work in Haiti after the earthquake. Calling themselves Respond and Rebuild, they’ve continued to work together on logistical relief in subsequent disasters, and compared with the wide-eyed tenderfoots flooding the Rockaways today, they constitute a sort of volunteer Delta Force.”

Of course those numbers are dated at this point, since on weekends we’re now coordinating up to 15 crews at a time and we’ve become enough of a fixture in the neighborhoods of the Rockaways that we rarely have to go door-to-door these days for more work orders. But we’re thrilled that we, our friends at Occupy Sandy, and all those neighbors helping neighbors got some much deserved praise.

Read the article in it’s entirety here

Oh! And if you’re into radio shows, we’ve got one of those for you, too! On November 21st, our own Terri Bennett was featured on WBAI’s OWS radio in a 6 person panel on the grassroots response in Sandy’s worst hit NYC neighborhoods. Listen to personal stories from the ground, what needs are still not being met, and the experiences of our community members left most vulnerable by the storm here.