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4 Reasons Why You Need Corner Guards


Houses, both for commercial and residential purposes, are important assets that must be protected at all costs to avoid losses in case of accidents and tragedies. One of the ways that can be used in protecting your property is the installation of corner guards that come in different types. These types include the stainless steel corner guards, rubber guards, and rigid vinyl just to name a few. In this piece, we will be letting you know why you need to install this significant component in your building.

1. To avoid injuries or damages

You need to ensure that the walls of your premises are protected to prevent losses and accidents. In businesses, or areas where you expect heavy traffic, it is advisable that you install sturdy or durable corner guards to protect your walls. In fact, if you own pets, have kids, or have a family member in who uses a wheelchair, you should ensure that you install quality guards such as aluminum or even stainless steel as the walls of your house are at a higher risk of getting scratched. Sharp corners in houses can injure people if not well protected.

2. To safeguard industrial residences from constant movements

Constant movements are usually experienced in businesses and industrial sectors. Also, your workers will be moving around with heavy boxes or metals, and so there is a very high chance that your walls will get severe damages. If you want to minimize this risk, it is important that you install these corner guards since they play a vital role in protecting walls from any damage.

3. To guard against natural disasters

Naturals disasters such as floods, earthquakes, or storms will always occur when least expected. It is not enough to just ensure your house against such disasters; you need to also come up with protective measures to reduce the impact of such accidents. Bear in mind that restoring these damages is quite costly. In some instances, buildings are forced to close down to pave the way for renovations of commercial businesses. This is equally time-consuming. To avoid such additional expenses, it is necessary to protect your commercial houses by installing high-quality corner guards.

4. To reduce maintenance costs

Renovations for commercial businesses or residential houses require frequent repair and maintenance practices. However, these maintenance costs can be significantly reduced by installing protective wall features. It may be costly to keep on repairing a commercial building with scratches on its walls or corners as compared to purchasing corner guards since it’s a one-time investment.

A Final Thought:

Proper installation of corner guards is equally important. The durability and efficiency of corner guards is determined by how well you install them. Although someone can use adhesives to attach these guards to a wall, it is advisable that you use screws instead. This is because steel is heavy and the adhesives may not be able to withstand the pressure. For more information, there are additional resources available at Boss Corner Guards.


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