Check out what we’ve been able to accomplish, thanks to YOU!!!


We know we can get pretty wrapped up in our work, but we decided it was time to step back and look at where’ve we’ve been so we can figure out where we’re headed next. Our awesome volunteer and team leader Myriam Wiesenfeld recently sat down and used her artistry skills to distill a file cabinet’s worth of data about what we do into this easy to read, pretty to look at graphic that explains how we’ve put our resources to work.

It’s pretty cool, if we do say so ourselves.

And really YOU are to thank! The vast, vast majority of our funding has come from grassroots supporters like you, and almost all of the work we’ve been able to do has been at the hands of unpaid volunteers with a little extra time and a big heart. So whether you’ve contributed labor hours, car rides, advice, hugs, encouragement, tools, or cold hard cash, thanks for making this all possible. We can’t thank you enough.

And if you want to thank Myriam for putting this together for us, tell people to check out her amazing artwork on her Tumblr.