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Official First Day of Spring Progress Report!


So, we’re not sure about you, but we’re pretty excited to say goodbye to the winter that almost wasn’t and hello to warmer days and fewer layers under the Tyvek suits. (Did we mention it’s REALLY hot in there, even when it’s really cold?)

Out here in the Rockaways, we’ve been able to tell that Spring is coming for a while now, because we’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of students who decided to focus on recovering from Sandy during Springbreak.

So far we’ve had students from the Stonybrook Sea Wolves, Fordham, James Madison University, North Dakota, Iowa, NYU, New School, Boston College, Harvard and Princeton. Not a bad line up.

We’ve also had a couple of awesome crews from Center for Employment Opportunities fighting mold steadily for weeks. We love people who keep on coming back, because it means less time training and more time slaying mold, as we like to put it.

With the help of all these guys, March has been a pretty impressive month so far in the Rockaway relief world.

Our last monthly progress report attests to this!

From 2/13 – 3/12:
22 work days
531 total workers (does not account for repeat workers — just a sum of total number of workers in field per day)
24.14 average volunteers/workers per day (including CEO teams)
3065 total hours
$61,300 worth of labor (@$20/hr)
22 unique homes worked in
7 gutting jobs finished
13 mold jobs finished
1 rebuilding job finished
21 total finished jobs (there is some overlap between the three job categories)
145.95 average labor hours per finished job

And we’re still going strong. Check in soon to see our next Spring Break report card, enter our t-shirt design contest, and meet some R&R volunteers.

And keep your eyes out for more signs of Spring in Rockaway. We hear our friend Denise may have some crocuses popping up, and we might have to go see for ourselves….


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