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Thanks for Your Amazing Work


It’s hard to believe that we moved out of our office at Arverne Pilgrim Church six months ago, and that our work in Rockaway is almost complete.

We had a good run. We worked in over 430 homes, and helped to rebuild 30. We worked alongside almost 2000 volunteers, and worked with individuals and groups from as far away as Alaska, as well as Rockaway locals. Now, as we wrap up the last of our work, it’s time, yet again, to say thanks.

We want to thank everyone who has worked for recovery in the Rockaways, and those who continue to do so. A special thanks goes out to Pastor Dennis Loncke and his family, who quite literally took us in and gave us a home at Pilgrim Church of Arverne. Thanks to Sal Lopizzo, who opened up his organization YANA to anyone and everyone who wanted to be a part of the relief effort. Thanks to all those who gave us advice, a place to stay, P100 respirators, Tyvek suits, held benefits for our work, or donated their expertise to help us help others. Thanks to the volunteers who kept coming back, through the bitter cold and the sweltering heat, to scrub mold, carry debris, put up sheetrock, and even just help us maintain our headquarters and equipment. It was a job we couldn’t do on our own.

We continue to help where we can, and we’ll keep you posted!


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