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Advantages of stretch film packaging


Manufacturers, warehouse managers, suppliers and shipping companies prefer using stretch film to wrap items on pallets and hold them tightly together when packaging. Although there are other different types of wrappers one can use when packing, most people opt for the stretch wrappers because they have several advantages. Here are some of the reasons why companies use these film wrappers for their various packaging applications.

Cost Reduction

Handling several loose boxes is time-consuming and labor intensive as compared to handling a unitized load. You can save a lot of man hours when using the stretch wrap for your packing needs. It also offers the most yield for your money because it’s less costly. You can end up saving a lot in the transportation of unitized loads because carrier vehicles and movers spend less time at the loading docks. The loading and offloading of the items being transported is faster when using the stretch film packaging processes than when using other packing options. Regardless of the thickness or width of the film, it’s always ideal and convenient to use the max film in holding your products together on a pallet.


Products are tightly held together, hence reducing the theft risks and incidences of pilferage. It’s also easier to track detectable unit loads than products that have been packaged separately. Using forklifts or pallet jacks in the warehouse to carry the unit loads doesn’t expose your products to any potential damages as is the case with handling small cartons or boxes. It’s also less likely to pack heavy items on top of palletized loads.

Since stretch max film is puncture resistant, you can be guaranteed that your products are safe from external abrasions or scratches. Boxes and cartons are not puncture-resistant, and thus can’t protect your valuable products fully.

Convenience and affordability

Stretch film is recyclable. You can choose to reuse the film more than once for your packing applications. That makes it an affordable and readily available option that may end up saving you some quick bucks.

It’s convenient to control your inventory when counting and managing unitized loads than when dealing with several small boxes or cartons. You can scan and read the optics of your UPC codes easily without tampering with the labels printed underneath the puncture resistant film because a stretch film has high clarity. With the film, you can eliminate or scale down the need for other packing materials due to its superior load holding capability. Find more information at Malpack Ltd and learn from the available resources.


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