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Why Sheet Metal Roofing is Perfect in Colder Climates


Sheet metal fabrication involves hammering or rolling metal into thin sheets. These sheets can be installed as a roof. Sheet metal roofing is surprisingly lightweight. It is also quick to install, fire-resistant, and good at shedding snow. Snow piling on the roof is a concern in colder climates because too much snow on the roof can lead to roof collapse or other types of roof damage.

1. Lightweight

Sheet metal weighs 50-150 lbs per square. For comparison, tile weighs 750 lbs per square and concrete tile is 900 lbs per square. Sheet metal roofing is lightweight, so it doesn’t put as much pressure on the house’s structure. When it snows heavily, you won’t worry as much about it damaging the roof.

2. Quick to Install

Metal roofing materials usually come in 12-36 inch wide panels or multiple-shingle sections, making them faster to install than other types of shingles. An experienced roofer can install them quickly. This is ideal for those who urgently need a new roof or prefer a shorter installation process. More valuable information can be found on the Heather & Little Limited website.

3. Fire-Resistant

Metal roof sheets are given a Class A rating for fire-resistance, the best rating possible. However, it’s important to note that if metal roof panels are installed over a combustible material like wood shingles, then its fire-resistance rating drops to Class C. If a fire-resistant roof is important to you, ensure the materials underneath the metal roof are noncombustible too.

4. Sheds Snow

Darkly colored sheet metal warms fast in the sun and aids in melting snow. The hard, slippery surface of metal roofs also assists in shedding snow quickly. Snow accumulating on the roof is a danger in colder climates, so metal roofs are extremely beneficial. They minimize the risk of roof collapse and other damage caused by snow.

5. Longevity

Metal roofs are typically long-lasting, as long as they are installed correctly. Warranties vary from company to company, but most metal roof warranties last 20-50 years. Metal roofing is also resistant to insects, mildew, and rot, allowing the roof to last longer. Sheet metal roofs are also good at sealing out water to help prevent leaks.

Because metal is viewed as a cold material, you may not have thought of it for your roof. Sheet metal roofing, however, is an excellent type of roofing for those living in colder climates. They are resistant to the piling of snow, shed snow quickly, and last a long time. Sheet metal roofs are also easy to install, fire-resistant, and lightweight. All of these qualities make sheet metal roofing perfect in colder climates.


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